Please contact us and present the needed information and evidence (e.g. photo or video) so we can assess the issue clearly. We assure you that we will do everything we can to rectify the situation and give you the most fitting solution-- either it is eligible for replacement or refund.

How do I report a complaint?

If you or your customers saw an issue on the items or any other issue on the orders they received, please submit a problem report.

Is there an expiry for reports?

Cases claiming that items were misprinted, damaged or defective should be reported within 30 days after the items were received.

All cases of packages lost during shipment should be reported within 30 days after the supposed date of delivery except for those clearly considered to have errors because of our doing.

What happens to returned orders because I put the wrong address?

If the address you or your customer gave is considered to be lacking in information by the courier and they can’t contact the recipient, they will be returned to our facility.

The address of the Swaggin facility will be the default return address of your orders. When we get a returned order, you will be automatically notified by email. After 4 weeks and the returned item is still unclaimed (i.e. you did not make the necessary changes), it will be given to charity.

You will be accountable for the costs of reshipping the items once we have acquired an updated address from you.

Are there items that you won’t replace?

Returns of sealed goods such as face masks and other items that get spoiled/damaged when opened, which are unsuitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons, will not be accepted by Swaggin. You therefore agree that any returned shipments of these kinds of goods will be disposed of.

The FAQ articles may contain useful information about Our products and services but not legal advice. You assume all responsibility for any and all use of the information provided in the FAQ articles. If you are uncertain which laws apply to you or you have other legal questions or concerns, please consult an attorney.


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Please contact us and present the needed information...

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